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What is Modern Tejano?

Tejano is defined as a Texan of Hispanic descent. We know it is so much more than that. We bring you the Modern Tejano.

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The Modern Tejano Experience

About Modern Tejano

We are a community of Tejano’s and Tejana’s that love and embrace our Tejano culture and traditions. We are proud to share the Modern Tejano Experience.


Sharing the Moden Tejano Experience.

From Wikipedia...

"Tejanos are the Hispanic residents of the state of Texas who are culturally descended from the original Spanish-speaking settlers of Tejas, Coahuila, and other northern Mexican states. They may be variously of Criollo Spaniard or Mestizo origin. Alongside Californios and Neomexicanos, Tejanos are part of the larger Chicano/Mexican-American/Hispano community of the United States, who have lived in the American Southwest (also known as Aztlán) since the 16th century.

Historically, the Spanish term Tejano has been used to identify various groups of people. During the Spanish colonial era, the term was primarily applied to Spanish settlers of the region now known as the state of Texas (first it was part of New Spain and after 1821 it was part of Mexico). After settlers entered from the United States and gained the independence of the Republic of Texas, the term was applied to mostly Spanish-speaking Texans, Hispanicized Germans, and other Spanish-speaking residents. In practice, many members of traditionally Tejano communities often have varying degrees of fluency in Spanish, with some having virtually no Spanish proficiency, though they are still considered culturally part of the community.

Since the early 20th century, Tejano has been more broadly used to identify a Texan Mexican American. It is also a term used to identify natives, as opposed to newcomers, in the areas settled. Latino people of Texas identify as Tejano if their ancestors were living there before the area was controlled by Anglo Americans."

Modern Tejano Is Global

Whether you are from the Old School or the Modern Era, Tejano pride runs deep and we want to share the Tejano Experience around the world.

Be Proud, Be Modern Tejano.

"I have been a DJ in several hotspots and Tejano Clubs always seem to be the most diverse with the best music. I knew I just wanted to be involved."

- Greg Hayley

The Team behind the Scene

We could not do this alone. Here are some of the awesome Tejanos, Tejanas and Friends that help put this experience together. Be Modern Tejano Proud!

What does Tejano mean to you?

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